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Our Rise and Shine Program staff are experienced individuals who have a distinguished love for giving families the opportunity they need to strengthen your family in our educationally-rich environment by providing help in the areas of parenting, character and relationship building, conduct and communication. Our facilities are conveniently located in Greenville, NC. Our staff happily provides transportation to and from sessions including a meal. All of our staff have chosen to work at Little Willie Center because of their passion to see families restored and made whole.

Volunteering is FUN! You will change LIVES!

Join us in our mission and become a volunteer. We are in need of the following areas:

If you are interested in volunteering please complete the attached volunteer application and submit it to melissa@littlewilliecenter.org or via mail 807 west 5th street Greenville, NC 27834

PDFNC Department of Public Safety Program Volunteer Application

Open Enrollment

The Rise and Shine Program is currently open for enrollment. We are able to provide Family Skills Training Program for Juvenile and at risk youth Ages 6-17. If your youth is currently delinquent or has a history of delinquency you are eligible for services. Our staff is eager to help you and your family continue a renewed life.

In order to apply for services it is required that you complete the attached referral form and submit it back to our office. Once the referral form has bee+n received our staff will contact you to schedule a family interview at which time we will further discuss the program, participation and if you consent, begin the enrollment application process. Please be aware that this process can take up to 7 days.

PDFNC DPS Juvenile Justice/JCPC Referral Form

Session Dates

Inclement Weather Policy: In the event of inclement weather that requires closure, the organization and its programs will follow the policy of the local county public schools as announced on radio and television. In the event of the close due to inclement weather the program coordinator will notify all staff, program participants and volunteers as soon as possible.

Session Locations: George Washington Carver Library, 618 W. 14th Ave., Greenville, NC, 27834

For more session information, please contact us at (252) 717-8745.


The best way to know if a parent and family skill building program will be a good fit for you and your family is to hear straight from the mouths of those who have actually experienced it. Here’s what some of our current and former clients are saying about services they received from The Little Willie Center Rise and Shine Program:

"Teachers called me multiple times a day before my child entered the program; now I get one call a month!"

"My child always shut-down when he got angry; now he will ask if he can talk about why he is mad."

"My child has been bullied all her life. She now has discovered who she is and can successfully ignore what others think of her."

“The Parent Coaching you have provided has really made a difference in our home. We are finally seeing a difference in ourselves and in our kids.”

“We really enjoyed the initial home-visit. I wish there were more in-home sessions.”

“The commute to and from The Little Willie Center had become stressful and difficult. It is nice that we no longer have to worry about getting a ride anymore, because you will always pick us up each week.”

“We did not have to convenience our child to speak up and out in class. He participated with the class once he was comfortable with the class routine.”




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