Community Health Ambassador

According to findings from the Community Health Assessment 2007-2011 the health status of Pitt County still presents the same numerous risk factors and behaviors that influences the county’s poor health status of 2012. Their health priorities are Heart Disease and Stroke, Diabetes, Cancer, Older Adult Health, Substance Abuse, Nutrition and Physical Activity, Injury Prevention, Infant Mortality and Communicable Diseases (HIV/STDs).

The Little Willie Center provides intervention and prevention strategies for Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose. Heart Disease/Strokes, Diabetes, Nutrition and Physical Activity for children, adults and seniors of all ages. Through our Community Health Ambassadors Program (CHAP) we will help link the community members to the health and social services they need. Community Health Ambassadors (CHA) help community members navigate the health care delivery system by educating community members about the services available to meet their needs. Additionally CHA’s will not diagnose but, will help the community member by making appropriate referrals to health and human service providers and other agencies to meet the community members needs. CHA’s follow up with community members after the referral to see whether the community member contacted the health or human service provider and or received the service.