Youth Council

What if the youth in your community can change the environment? What if this change could affect the lives of children and families for centuries? How can the Youth Council help you address problems that youth and families are confronted with every day? Youth are the key to the future, they are the problem solvers! The Little Willie Center's Youth Council, is a dedicated group of youth who are interested in working with their local government agencies, community organizations, businesses and churches to address the concerns that adults have not yet addressed. This change starts now with their local peers. These young leaders are contributors to organized programs and projects that will enhance their environment, communities and the overall well-being of livelihood. Members of Youth Councils learn the value of how to work together as a team, how to respect themselves and others, what it means to be a hard worker and all the responsibilities of being a good citizen. It is our hope to join with other Youth Councils to create a greater impact while providing a creative outlet for the youth of the community.