Parent Support Services

Parent Support Services provide opportunities for families to connect to and support one another. As advocates we serve as collaborators with families in discovering their strength and concerns as a family unit. Support and encourage family participation in community, regional, state, national activities to develop their leadership skills and expand their circles of support.

Goal: Empower families to make informed decisions regarding the nature of supports for themselves and their child through:

  • sharing information about resources, services and supports and exploring what might be appropriate for their child and family;
  • exploring the needs and preferences of the family and locating relevant resources.
  • helping families understand eligibility rules;
  • helping families understand the assessment process and identifying their child’s strengths, needs and diagnosis.
  • assist families by identifying relevant formal services and informal resources for families.
  • conduct general and individual outreach in the community to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and engage families in services.