About Us

The Little Willie Center was founded in 1990 as an organization to address the needs of latchkey children, whose parents work, seek employment, or attend school and as a result, must leave their children home alone. Despite adversity, the center has successfully operated for the past 24 years. The center is located in the heart of West Greenville, and despite the area’s reputation, the center provides a safe alternative to being home alone. With this in mind, parents are granted peace of mind knowing their children are loved and encouraged to strive for excellence in not only their school lives, but their personal lives as well.

Volunteers are extremely important to the center’s mission. Our volunteers are ordinary people with God-given gifts; from college students to retired educators, medical students, sorority and fraternity members, ministers, manufacturing workers, administrators, housewives and community leaders. Our center’s staff is full of trained professionals who hold degrees in Human Services, Business Administration, Education, and Mental Health. We realize that some people cannot afford childcare services, forcing them to leave their children home alone. With that in mind, we provide services for free to all children who are enrolled. Our founder came up with the idea of parents giving back to the community while also enhancing their parenting skills. Every parent must volunteer two hours every week in the center, attend Basic Adult Education classes taught at our center by a Pitt Community College instructor and attend monthly parent meetings. Other services offered are tutoring/mentoring, transportation, nutritious meals, survival skill classes, PSR Big Buddy Program through the ECU Medical School, Girl and Boy Scouts of America, 4-H Club, and Bible study.

Awards & Recognition

Little Willie Center Covenant

I have a right to be happy, and to be treated with

  • kindness in this room;
    This means that no one
    Will laugh at me, or ignore me,or
    Hurt my feelings.

I have a right to be myself in this room;

  • This means that no one will
    Treat me unfairly because I am
    Fat or thin
    Fast or slow
    Male or female.

I have a right to be safe in this room;

  • This means no one will
    Steal from me my hopes, my dreams,
    My opinions, my ideas
    nor my possessions.

I have a right to hear and be hear in this room;

  • This means no one will
    Yell-Scream- or Shout
    And my opinions and desires will be considered
    In any plans we make.

I have a right to learn about myself in this room;

  • This means that I will be
    Free to express my feelings
    And opinions without being
    Interrupted or punished.