Founded in 1990, the Little Willie Center was created to be a safe place where local children could find love, encouragement and a hearty meal with quality role models. It still retains its original purpose today by opening its doors to as many children as possible and giving them a renewed outlook on life. Maintaining our reputation of care and commitment, the Little Willie Center continues to be a solace for children through the continued support of sponsors and volunteers.

The Little Willie Center provides life lessons and educational programs suited for adults as well as children. We give parents an alternative to leaving their children home alone by holding daily programs throughout the year, even during the summer months. Services are always provided free of charge, but we do ask that parents volunteer as a way of giving back. It is our goal that children in the Greenville area know that the Little Willie Center is a place where they will find care and compassion, no matter what their situations may be and continues this mission for many years to come.

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